Thrifty Treasures Antiques & More
Guidelines for Consignors

Term: MONTH TO MONTH (3 month minimum with a 1 month advance notice of vacating)


Use of Space - solely for the purpose of selling antiques to the public

Alterations- Decorations of walls with wallpaper, pegboard, and Styrofoam is permitted. There will be no glue, or painting of the walls or dividers allowed. 

Payment of Rent: Prepayment by the first of the month. Rent will be deducted from the gross sales after the 1st initial month. If total gross sales are less than rent due - Lessee will pay the difference. Once month's deferred grade is given and will be added to the next month's rent. 


Lessee - will keep all passageways open without any obstruction. No debris should accumulate on leased premises.

Antique Mall - Keys shall be in the possession of the mall at all times and the lessee will have no rights to access the Antique Mall outside of business hours, unless previous arrangements have been made. If lessee has locked displays, keys must be left with Thrifty Treasures for access.


Lessee and Lessee employee's agents or representatives shall be governed by the strict guidelines attached along with any other future amendments.

This lease may not be subleased or assigned to any other party without the lessor's prior consent.

No publicity signs other than the name of the booth shall be placed inside the leased area.

Upon the end of the lease term any damage made to the lease property by Lessee beyond reasonable wear and tear shall be repaired by Lessee to receive security deposit back. 

Termination:  Either party may terminate this lease giving one (1) month's written notice to the other party. Upon termination all rights end on the last day of the month after delivery of notice. Vacancy of premises will be the same as the termination of rights date. Rent and other payments are still due during this period. If all items are not removed within 30 days they become the property of Thrifty Treasures Antique & More unless other arrangements have been made previously. 

Security Deposit: Security Deposit due at time of signing of lease agreement. 

Lessor and Lessee release and discharge each other or any officer, agent, or employee from loss of damage due to breakage, or injury caused by fire, theft, or any other act of nature. Dealers who break items of another dealer need to discuss breakage with the dealer personally. Thrifty Treasures highly recommends researching/obtaining insurance of your items that are located in the Antique Mall as we can't provide insurance on your property.   

Guidelines for Rental Booth

"Maintain your booth by keeping it clean, arranged, stocked and generally maintained.

"Merchandise must follow these parameters

o Items need to be at least 30 years old unless otherwise authorized

o No Reproductions

o No barcode items

o No items MADE IN CHINA

o Paper items need to be prior to 2000

o Items need to be family friendly 

"All items must be marked with the booth number, description, and price. Paper items can omit a description.

"Pricing stickers and tags are available for purchase in the mall at the desk.

"Please do not use large metal or plastic shelving.

"Items will be discounted 10% upon customer request for items $50 and over. 

"Customers may request a better price. Please make sure that there is a number available at the desk that you can be reached or some code on the item.

"All dealers will be required to participate in three (3) yearly sales (dates to be determined). We also run a 10% off coupon for a combined purchase of $50 mall wide that all dealers are required to participate in. 

"Items not following the above guidelines will be removed from your area. 

"Dealers are encouraged to stock and maintain their booths.