Thrifty Treasures
Consignment/Resale Shop
Guidelines for Consignors

Thrifty Treasures Consignment is thrilled you are considering us to sell your quality like new items. As a consignor, you can earn money from your home merchandise in one simple easy step. It is safer than selling your items on Craigslist and there is no sitting around spending your precious days off work trying to sell your items at a yard sale We also accept credit and debit cards so it opens more avenues for getting your items sold fast.  We also sell collectable items on ebay so we can get the maximum dollar amount for you. 

Consignors will receive 45% of each item sold (less any fees)

 Holiday items will only be accepted 60 days prior to any holiday and will not be accepted after 30 days prior to the holiday. Any items left the week of the holiday will be discounted 75% and will only remain in the store for an additional 5 days only. Any items left are donated.

All payments are paid in cash at any time, however, any payments over $50 we would appreciate a one day advance notice. Please note: any items sold on ebay may require a waiting period of up to 30 days before funds are released to the consignors because we are billed on a monthly basis. 

Payments are paid to the consigner on file only –NO EXCEPTIONS! We do not accept phone calls asking us to release funds to another person. You can come in and add someone to your account.

So you’re ready to consign your items and need to know what to do next.

 The first step is to make sure your items meet our quality standards. All furniture items require prior approval. You can email a picture to or drop a picture off at the store. In order to maintain “quality control” there are times when we need to reject items brought into the store even if a picture was provided. It is not pleasurable for us to do this nor is it our intent to offend anyone so please be patient with us. 

As you prepare your item for consignment, ask yourself: “Would I buy this item in its current condition?” If the answer is “no”, then take a minute to dust, polish, clean or vacuum your item prior to bringing it in. Attention to details will make the difference in how well an item looks and sells. Remember, the key to a profitable sale is quality control and presentation. We feel this is what puts above the rest!

Pricing of items are set by Thrifty Treasures. Our pricing formula consists of: condition, style, finish, color, original sale price and in some cases what the piece could be purchased new in the current market. Any information and historical information that you have on the piece is also helpful. We also factor in our experience with how other similar pieces have sold in the past.

Although we have a very high turn-over in sales, there is that time when an item cannot find a new home. If the merchandise has not sold within the 90 day consignment period, it is the responsibility of the consignor to watch the end date and claim your items prior to that date. For your convenience and ours, at least 1 day notice is needed for us to box up your items for you to pick up. After giving us notice, due to our limited storage space, any items not pick up by the next day will be donated or clearance out as re-consigned store inventory. Providing there are no pending sales on an item, consignors can pick up there merchandise at any time with at least 1 day notice. If no notice is given, customers who are shopping will come first and you may be required to wait.

We do our very best to take care of your items, however, Thrifty Treasures Consignment is not liable for any loss or damage to any items as a result of fire, flood, theft or any other cause. 

Furniture Items that usually sell: Dressers, coffee tables, desks, end tables, sofa tables, dining room tables, chairs, sofa, loveseat, corner cabinets (TV armoires we will decide on case by case basis).

·         Must be in excellent condition

·         Free of rips, stains, odors, pet hair, scratches, tears, pilling or broken zippers

·         No flat or out of shape cushions

·         No out of date fabric

***depending on the item, we will occasionally purchase project pieces that can be restored to like new condition. Keep in mind we will only pay project piece prices for these type of items. Project pieces are wood with scratches, missing hardware, dirty or in need of a paint job.

Household Items

·         All items must work, have all necessary pieces and be very clean

·         Lamps must have shades, working bulbs and no cord damage when brought into the store

·         Electronic or electrical equipment must be working and must have the power cords.

·         Power Tools must be clean, working and no damage at all

·         Clocks must have batteries and be working

·         Pictures must be of modern décor.

·         Figurines and candle holders we will be very selective on what we are taking in the store.

Ladies Items

Purses and Handbags must be free of stains


Just because an item is old, doesn’t always make it desirable. Like contemporary clothing, the condition and style on vintage pieces are still important. Some period styles are more popular than others. There may be some condition allowances on vintage items that we will accept because of the nature of the item. Bring it in or send us a picture and we will decide.

Holiday/Seasonal Items

There is a limit of no more than 10 christmas items that one consignor can have in the store at one time. This is to make it fair for everyone.